Tuesday, October 31, 2006

As you know (because you have been hanging on my every word for the past three years) I used to be in politics. That was a long time ago, but, every year, when the weather gets crisper and fallen leaves blanket the sidewalks, I feel nostalgiac nostalgic* about the good old days of electioneering.

Which is my long way of saying that I am addicted to this site. And this site. And this and this and this. To the point of refreshing a few dozen times per day.

Confession: I even rescheduled a meeting from Wednesday morning to Thursday, because I know next Tuesday night will be a late one for me as I watch non-stop election coverage. Not a single New York State Assembly race will escape my interest.

Ah well. As hobbies go, it's more constructive than drinkling drinking**, right?

* - Corrected. Happy, Jess?

** - Corrected. And now I'm waiting to be hired as editor of Queerty!

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