Monday, March 19, 2007

No, not me, of course. My percentage of the vote was about the same as an openly gay terrorist-harboring satanist with the last name of Sharpton could expect to receive in northeast Oklahoma. In commemoration of that ass-whupping, expect to see the blog temporarily redecorated when I get the chance.

But it's all fun and games, so it doesn't matter. In our hearts, we know I am the best. Also, as Lee pointed out, rumor has it that the competition hired bums to sidstep the one man/one vote rule.

Hey, I didn't say that. If you've got a problem, blame Lee!

So on we they go to Round Two. Do the right thing.

The right thing, by the way, would be to support Jamie at I Must Be Dreaming. I forgot to mention his blog the other day -- oops -- but now it's crucial. Chrisafer, Stu-O-Rama, and the BoyFromTroi are among the others who cheated made their way into the second round. Good luck to all of them.

As for me, I will do what all failed candidates do.

I think $50,000 per speech sounds about right, don't you?