Monday, April 30, 2007

Yes, I know my presidential campaign is very exciting. But you know what else is exciting?


Our first month's game is winding down now, but an all-new game for May starts at midnight tonight. So join me and some of your favorite bloggers (plus a bunch of people I'm not sure I know... 'Bea Arthur's Thong,' do I know you?) as we demonstrate our occasional knowledge and dexterity with a mouse, trash-talk in the "Shout Out" box, and otherwise spend a few minutes each day serving absolutely no practical purpose.

You'll have fun. And, in time, you'll also come to resent Joel, who must be cheating, although I haven't quite figured out how he's doing it.

Mostly, you learn the ropes by playing. But for some tips, read this. And I hope to see you in the May game.