Monday, January 26, 2009


I'm sure you've already pre-ordered -- maybe you're even already reading it! -- but, if not, your February reading assignment is Fool for Love, featuring new gay fiction from a kickass group of writers.

And me, too.

Edited by the the awesome Timothy J. Lambert and R. D. Cochrane (we call her "Becks" around these parts), this volume includes the stories:

Thai Angel, by David Puterbaugh
Love Taps, by Mark G. ("MarGEEEE!) Harris
Matchmaker, by Shawn Anniston
A View, by Brandon M. Long
Gratitude, by Felice Picano
Happy Hour at Cafe Jones, by Famous Author Rob Byrnes
Trunk, by Trebor Healey
De Anima, by Joel Derfner
Like No One's Watching, by Josh Helmin
At the End of the Leash, by Jeffrey Ricker
Two Tales, by Paul Lisicky
Heart, by 'Nathan Burgoine
Party Planning, by Rob Williams
Two Kinds of Rapture, by Andrew Holleran
Everyone Says I'll Forget in Time, by Greg Herren
Angels, What You Must Hear on High, by John H. Roush

Look at that lineup! How can you resist?

Fool for Love is published by Cleis Press. Buy your copy now; thank me later.