Thursday, December 04, 2003

As you would suspect, a few celebrities other than Famous Other Author (heh -- it took me a day to catch that) Rob Byrnes and Crash share December 8 birthdays. Among our fellow celebrants (some of whom are past the point of celebrating, if you know what I mean) are:

Georges Feydeau (born 1862)
James Thurber (1894)
Lee J. Cobb (1911)
Sammy Davis Jr. (1925)
Maximiliam Schell (1930 -- finally, someone who's still alive!)
Flip Wilson (1933... and we're back to dead folks again)
David Carradine (1936)
James Galway (1939)
Jim Morrison (1943)
Gregg Allman (1947)
Kim Basinger (1953)
Sam Kinison (1953)
Billy Hufsey (1958... yes, I share my d/o/b with Christopher from "Fame")
Ann Coulter (1961... oh good fucking lord!)
Teri Hatcher (1964)
Sinead O'Connor (1966)

December 8 deaths include:

Tris Speaker (1958... I share his soul with Billy Hufsey)
Golda Meir (1978)
John Lennon (1980)
Slim Pickens (1983)
Martin Ritt (1990)
Howard Rollins Jr. (1996)

(Thanks to IMDB)