Thursday, December 16, 2004

Yeah, I know that the year has 15 more days, but it's too late to break these trends. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the top names and phrases that brought people to this blog in 2004:

1. "Carolyn Kepcher"
2. "Famous Author Rob Byrnes"
3. "Lindsay Lohan"
4. "Boobs" and/or "Thong" (mostly in conjunction with Lindsay; sometimes with Carolyn)
5. Our old favorite: "Salad-Tossing"
6. "Luigi Tadini" (whatever)
7. "New York"
8. "Halloween Costume"
9. "Nicole Garbarini" (more popular than Oprah!)
10. "Oprah" (less popular than Nicole!)

Some also-rans: "Timothy Treadwell"; "O'Reilly + Falafel"; "Bobbi Lamoon"; "Billy Hufsey"; "Lesbian"; "Frottage + Subway"; "Begal"; "Hot Toddy"; "Kathryn Jean Lopez"; and "Cumming."

It really was a great year, wasn't it?