Friday, July 14, 2006

Well, that sucks! I was all pumped to go to the gym for the first time since I bruised broke bruised my rib, and -- when I got there -- I realized that, in my gym bag, I was carrying three pairs of post-sweat underwear, but no sweats or shorts. So... I guess I'll have to try again on Monday. Just try to imagine my disappointment.

In the meantime, I just realized that this blog celebrates its third anniversary on Sunday. It seems like only yesterday. Do you remember when...

... you found TRL for the first time?

... you first read one of my previews of The Apprentice?

... I prepared to take over FEMA, just months after giving up my dream of heading Homeland Security?

... I let the world know of the marvelous housing opportunities available for Katrina victims?

... you learned just exactly how inspirational this blog is?

... I began the infamous 'Be As Boring As Kottke' meme?

... you met a dog named Fosse?

Good times, right? So should I try for three more?